About Aptence

Aptence is an innovative app focused on developing Aptitude among class V to XII students. It enhances key critical thinking skill-sets like Reasoning, problem solving, evaluating, analyzing and decision-making.

At Aptence, we believe in developing critical thinking skills among school students. That's why we created the rewarding aptitude development tool in 2017. Aptence uses adaptive technology to offer differentiated activities to students at all levels.

It helps students to learn independently and proactively, and allows a child to advance steadily at a pace comfortable to him or her so that he or she can achieve his or her full potential.

“Our mission is to nurture the core skills of millions of school students.”
- Imran Rashid, Founder and CEO

Team Aptence

Prabhat Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Imran Rashid

Founder & CEO

Nishant Singh

Full Stack Developer

Deepak Verma

iOS Developer

Jashandeep Singh

Quality Analyst

Shivam Dawar

Android Developer

Kartik Giri

Backend Developer

Priya Sharma

Graphic Designer

Aditi Singh

Regional Manager

Misha Rampal

Content Manager

Ashu Rana

Graphics Designer


Content Writer

Anil Richharia

Education Specialist

Arvind Singh

Maths Specialist

Our Mentors

Amit Govil

Ex Managing Director, Sapient India
Chairman and CEO, Calance

Ramender Singh

Associate Professor, IIM Calcutta

Vineet Chopra

Chairman, Aryan International School
Director, Nanda Construction
CEO, Vees Export

Puneet Chandra

Director, Er Dr Academy
Motivational Speaker

Alok Satyadev

CEO, Global Olympiad Federation
Founder, Catalyzer Management Consultants