Published on: Sept. 19, 2019

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” – Paul J. Meyer

For students, it has always been a herculean task to get the most of their studies. Often students struggle with insufficient time to complete all assignments, prepare for tests, make room in the busy schedule for co-curricular activities, and more.

To help them, we have created a list of time management tips for students of all age-groups so that they can keep the days of last-minute panic, exam anxiety or school stress at bay.

Read on to know more.

Get rid of distractions

Eliminate everything that distracts you including phone, messenger, YouTube, and Facebook. It is advisable to turn off the phone and other gadgets that might steal your attention so that you won’t be tempted to answer calls or messages. Still, if you find it difficult to control the distractions, it is better to hand over the phone to parents, guardians or anyone elder at home. It will enable you fully concentrate on your study or assignments with maximum productivity.

Put digital tool to use

Though the internet is often criticized for hampering student’s productivity, if used aptly it can help school students imbibe enormous knowledge in very short period. Be it to improve your logical, mathematical or verbal aptitude, digital tools offer an array of engaging content to master an area. You can practice questions, tackle daily challenges as well as track your progress through detailed progress report. It helps you learn independently, advance steadily at a comfortable pace and manage time effectively.

Commence working on assignments early 

Good time management skills can help avoid last-minute panic which often arises due to unfinished projects and assignments. Make a list of upcoming assignments and tests every month and add them to your master schedule. Schedule time to start working on them earlier, break down the assignments into smaller chunks and plan ahead to finish the task successfully before due date.

Stay away from multitasking

Multitasking may give you a false sense of different tasks being more accomplished but splitting attention among multiple errands only procrastinate the work. Parents should encourage their kids to work on one task at a time. It ensures that children are paying 100% of their attention to the ongoing task which will eventually help them complete it more effectively.

Take regular breaks

Studying for a prolong period not only makes you exhausted but also causes a subsequent fall in your concentration with little or no productivity at all. For every 45 minutes to 1 hour study time, children should be encouraged to take a short 5-10 minute breaks. Short breaks boost a child’s brain to come back more focused.

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Last Updated on: Sept. 19, 2019