Published on: Sept. 19, 2019

Time is a precious commodity for students. Most students, as well as parents, would argue that they never have enough time to focus on all subjects, projects, assignments and tests. Therefore, every second of study time should be meaningful and productive. You can’t add extra hours to a day, but you can definitely maximise the productivity of every hour your kid studies.

Here are some steps parents and teachers can take to help students to improve their study time.

Prevent distractions

Be it school or home, distractions eat away multiple precious hours of students. An unexpected guest at your door, phone call, buzzing mobile phone, noisy neighbor and more can be one of the reasons that can curb learning time of your kids. Keep a journal of all distractions over a month. There is no way to eliminate every single of them, but some of them can be easily controlled than the others. Formulate a plan to minimise them.

Embrace digital tools

Technology is a proven way to boost engagement among students. It goes without saying that online learning tools make learning fun and enjoyable. Technology has encouraged more active participation of students which was earlier hard to achieve through traditional learning environment. Thereby, parents and teachers should encourage students to participate in quizzes, practice online questions, and improve their logical, mathematical and verbal aptitude through online tools and applications.

Divide study time into short sessions

Time and again, it has been stressed by several educationists that longer periods of study time decrease productivity and focus. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your kid loses concentration in a short span in an extended study session. Focus on creating a balance and help them to cut learning time into shorter sessions. For instance, rather than expecting them to study continually for 1-3 hours a day, ask them to insert short breaks in between. Giving their brain a little time off to relax will help them improve their efficiency.

Mix different areas in a learning session

Focusing on one thing at a time while learning is the best and the fastest way to imbibe the subject. However, mixing different areas in a learning session can help kids sharpen their skills. For example, working on maths, then language learning followed by building a PowerPoint presentation on a history topic in a single session can help your kid churn out maximum productivity. It will keep them engaged stretching the extent of the learning. 

Change learning pattern

Your kids would have a fixed time and place to study. However, varying study location, like the different room at home, school, library or friend’s home can improve learning. Many times, following a learning pattern, like fixed routine, location or material hamper your children’s productivity. Encourage them to make alterations in them and track the progress. For example, change the study time or materials students use – pen & paper, laptop. It may help them beef up their learning time.

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Last Updated on: Sept. 19, 2019