Published on: July 3, 2019

Keeping kids engaged over the holidays is not a walk in the park. In fact, it is often a challenge for parents to keep kids busy with productive activities because children easily get bored. They need exciting and engaging pastimes almost every day.

Holidays can be a great time to bond with children as well as an excellent opportunity to enhance your child’s cognitive development. But, it is possible only when you drive them to fruitful and smart activities. It is advisable to plan in advance because there is a range of activities to choose from. 

If you have run out of ideas, read on the list of exciting activities that can make your kid smarter.

Check out local activities

One of the most feasible options is to check out places like parks, museums, art galleries, libraries, schools, and shopping centers in your locality. These places usually host a range of activities during school holidays for children of all age groups. Activities may include anything varying from arts and crafts workshop, cooking and baking classes, swimming classes to sports clinics. To gather information about the activities, you can browse an online guide or local papers. Find out your child’s interest and motivate them to participate in different activities, like adventure sports, rock climbing, art clubs, dance classes, photography and so on. These core activities develop personal and group management skills in children and let them become independent leaders. Who knows your child’s interest may become a potential career choice when s/he grows up. 

Vocabulary building

Holidays are favorable time to build your kid’s vocabulary. Sparing half-an-hour every day during vacation can help your child build an extensive vocabulary which will come in handy throughout their lives. Kids are quick learners, and being a parent, you're the first teacher who can help them expand their vocab. Some useful tips:

  • Make them read as many books as possible
  • Take help of personalized online tools, word games, and quizzes
  • Use descriptive words in daily conversation
  • Make them practice rhymes
  • Read aloud together to expose them to new words

Help them practice logical reasoning

Logic and reasoning are the ability to think through problems. Developing reasoning skills is an essential part of a child’s early learning. The earlier your children learn to reason, the better they will be able to develop critical thinking when necessary. This essential skill acts like a foundation for your children’s competence and also affect their success in academics. Vacations are golden opportunities to develop logic and reasoning in your child. As a parent, what can you do? Some helpful tips:

  • Let them take online tests based on logical reasoning
  • Read to them frequently
  • Do not answer your kid’s questions right away
  • Give them some time to solve the question on their own
  • Play board games with them

Online tools to sharpen kids’ skills

Online tools can provide a great learning platform to your child. Whether you want to boost your child’s vocabulary or writing skills, there are multiple tools to sharpen your kid’s skills. You just need to keep an eye on the best educational applications and motivate your child to actively use them during holidays. Do you want to eliminate Maths phobia from your child’s mind? Welcome to Aptence, an engaging platform where your kid can practice as many questions you want in our challenging category from the large database on Maths, logical reasoning and English. If you wish, you can also let your child improve their skill level in areas of verbal reasoning by taking daily challenges with short and intense exercises. If you find it difficult to motivate your child with educational stuff, make their learning engaging by earning redeemable coins with the progress through challenge section. 

Computer course

It goes without saying that the knowledge of a computer language, coding or designing can boost your kid’s resume. In this tech savvy world, computer courses are not only useful to children interested in pursuing a promising career in IT but also it comes handy in daily operations. In the future, if your child wants to establish his/her startup, they don’t need a computer designer to set up their website as s/he already knows how to create and design one. Thereby, this summer motivate your teen to do a computer course and boost their technical knowledge.

Summer jobs and internships

For older children and teenagers, summer jobs are perhaps the most productive things to do. Encourage your children to invest their time and energy in small jobs, like making flyers, working for an NGO, volunteer for a noble cause, etc. It is the best way to make your kids understand the value of money. When they earn some money through hard work, they recognize its importance and also learn money management which is a valuable life lesson.

Learn a new language

The younger a child’s mind is, the easier is to learn a second language. At a cognitive and academic level, the learning of an additional language can make your child more creative and better at solving complex problems. In fact, it can also make them score higher on standardized tests. What can be a better time to learn a new language than holidays? You can make your child sign up a language academy for language lessons of their choice. Moreover, your kid can also take online lessons. Learning a new language never turns futile especially if your teen dreams of travelling and exploring new parts of the world.

The holidays should not have to be a time of sheer boredom. Instead, it can be family fun and a learning adventure for your children. Encourage your children to participate in productive activities so that the skills they learn during holidays come useful when they grow up. Always remember a famous saying – you can buy children anything in the world, but nothing will compare to the memories you make with them. 

Last Updated on: Sept. 19, 2019