Published on: Sept. 4, 2019

Does your child despise Maths?

This aversion may be due to fear of Maths, which is sometimes also called Maths Phobia. It is a problem many parents face, but worry not as with continuous efforts you can change the situation.

Children who struggle with Mathematics often feel stuck, helpless, and unable to brainstorm through the basic concepts. The condition worsens as parents and teachers fail to resolve the fear in students which make home in children’s minds in early childhood. The good news is – it is possible to transform this aversion towards the subject. Fortunately, the internet is peppered with many effective tools to keep children engaged with the subject.

If the night before a Maths exam is tense at your home, it is time to change that with the help of these tips.

Apply Maths in daily life

One of the prominent reasons kids find Maths difficult and scary is that they find it boring and of little use in everyday life. The belief – ‘I can’t do it’ worsen the situation. Most children have the ability to learn Maths and ace the number game if approached correctly. As a parent, inculcate concepts and ideas in your children before they start formal primary schooling. Show your children the way to apply Mathematics to everyday life.

Some simple tips:

  • Buying daily items – Ask your child to tell the price of a commodity and compare the prices of two products.
  • Money – Ask your children to calculate the bills.
  • Kitchen – Encourage your children to measure and weigh ingredients while preparing a recipe. It is a good idea to let them understand fractions.
  • Playing – Promote your child to play games that deals with numbers, like monopoly, snakes and ladders, Sudoku, magic tricks, tambola, etc.

Leverage the power of digital tools

The world of facts, figures, and formulas may scare children. Fortunately, the bountiful internet has given us many digital tools that can make mathematical concepts alive for even the most reluctant children. Encourage kids to use rewarding Maths challenges on a daily basis. It will allow them to advance steadily at a comfortable pace. A helpful, appropriate, and enjoyable online tool can not only strip Maths phobia off your children but also make the entire subject engaging and fun to learn. At Aptence, we bring creative methods to make the challenging concepts of Maths fun and engaging. Our tools help students to learn independently and proactively, focusing on the development of critical thinking skills. Our rewarding aptitude development tools aim to make Maths fun even for children who dread the subject.

Find the real cause of fear

There could be more than one reason for your child’s Maths phobia. Is your child’s early foundation in Maths weak? Are their teachers too strict regarding the subject? Is the teaching method dull and boring? Or, is it just fear of Maths and examination that causes Maths phobia? Maybe your child doesn’t understand the underlying concepts behind formulae and procedures. Or, it is just that the child believes that s/he cannot do it. It is important to know the real cause of Maths phobia before you consider ways to eliminate it. Talk to your child and delve deeper into the problem. Once you are aware of the reason, try to resolve it with the help of their teacher.

Mathematics should not be a subject that fabricates nightmares for children. The struggle of children and Maths is perennial.  


Last Updated on: Sept. 4, 2019