Published on: Sept. 4, 2019

In our last blog post - Ways To Help Your Kid Overcome A Maths Phobia – Volume I, we shared some tips that can help you eliminate Maths phobia from your child’s mind. Our latest blog post covers some more proven tips.

Mistakes are good

When children think that they are going to fail at something, they either don’t try or try it half-heartedly. Making mistakes in Maths or any other subject is not out of the world. If you are worried about the right answer for every Math question for your child, keep aside that thought. It may discourage your children and make them lose interest in the subject. Maths is not always about the answers but also the process. Foster in your child the ability to see relationships with numbers, shapes, concepts, formulae, and figures, not about providing solutions. In addition, it is advisable to leave your experience with the subject in school and look at the subject with fresh perception. As a helpful parent, assure your kids that it’s good to make mistakes along with struggling to find the right answer. It will help your child connect with the subject in a positive manner.

Let them practice

Many parents mistakenly assume that being good at Mathematics is an innate ability. Fortunately, it is not true. Even great Mathematicians practice a lot. It takes hours of practice, multiple mistakes, and quest to find the solution to get comfortable with the subject. So, try to make this journey as comfortable as possible for the child. It is not a subject that can be learned by memorizing formulae or looking at others solving a problem. To make your child apply the concepts, rule, and formulae on his/her own, it requires a lot of practice. Encourage your child to stay open to the challenges in the subject and get the results.

Make them understand the rules

One of the key areas of focus in learning Maths is memorization of rules and tables. Albeit, they play an important role and are necessary, understanding how the rules work would be helpful to eliminate Maths fear. In many cases, children loathe the subject as they do not know how the rules work as a whole. To make them understand, promote logical thinking and conceptual understanding. It will help your child become comfortable with the subject, promote critical thinking so that s/he can assess if the results are right or wrong. Mobile apps, creative tools, and online tools can be of great help here.


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Last Updated on: Sept. 4, 2019