Published on: Dec. 9, 2019

The world is changing at a quicker pace, especially after the advent of the digital age. The ripples of this change can be visualised in the education sector too. Traditional learning may have served as one-size-fits-all for several centuries, but at present, the old school methods don’t work for tech-savvy students who gain little from churning out workbooks and study materials. Modern learning has observed and supported a deviation from rote learning models. Thanks to the Internet that has revolutionised the education sector through online tools, lessons and engaging classroom atmosphere.

Personalised learning is not a new concept, but the rise of technologically advanced classrooms has made it easier for educators to create student-centered lessons. Let’s explore why personalised learning is imperative in the current scenario.

Improves student engagement

A common problem of an ineffective classroom is disengagement between teachers and students. Gone are the days when students used to receive and reiterate information passively. Personalised learning environments make them participate actively in learning. Students can work with teachers as well as parents to set learning goals for themselves which can be accomplished through digital learning tools and apps. Teachers should combine these tools with face-to-face interaction to make it more effective. Technology helps students to seek resources beyond the classroom independently.

Increases motivation

Improved engagement facilitates motivation to learn among students. With a personalized learning model, students have more freedom to choose a learning method that suits them. For example, a rewarding aptitude development tool uses adaptive technology to offer differentiated activities to students which helps them to learn independently and proactively through fun and engaging content. It can be challenging for parents & teachers to motivate students, and unmotivated learners can miss essential lessons and topics which can lead to poor performance. Whether it is a classroom or job, no one wants unmotivated learners.

Better time management

Teachers along with educational institutions assess students’ needs before making them take a course. This assessment often takes place in the form of ‘a survey’ or quiz with a series of questions to delve deeper into the learner’s capabilities. Classroom lectures often push students to gulp large chunks of information without assessing whether they are abreast of the content or not and what they truly need to know. It can waste plenty of time and engagement levels of students as well as teachers who can easily cut down it by delivering the relevant content to students. With personalised learning, teachers can even make personal recommendations to students based on the result and students can improve their weak areas with in-depth reporting.

Personalised e-learning has revolutionised the current education world. Though it will take more time and effort to reach a larger number of students; increasingly, it is becoming a way of life. Learners expect it and are gaining immense benefit from it.


Last Updated on: Dec. 9, 2019